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Welcome to In-House Investor Events by Investor.Events, where we specialize in creating seamless experiences for Issuers looking to host engaging events tailored for Shareholders, Subscribers, and Social Media Followers!


By leveraging your NOBO list, Social Media Followers, and Database Subscribers, we craft events precisely tailored to their demographics. On your behalf, we dispatch invitations via mail or courier to your shareholders, send personalized emails to your subscribers, and engage directly with your followers through direct messages. Our aim is to explore every avenue to ensure your Investor Events meet and exceed your objectives.


Collaborating closely with your team, we align our efforts with your initiatives. Whether you're hosting events to provide corporate updates, prepare for financing, or maintain shareholder confidence, in-house events should be an integral part of every issuer's communications strategy!


Invest in the power of in-house events with Investor.Events, and let us help you maximize your impact on your stakeholders.


How do we start, what are the main steps…



For a complimentary consultation, please fill out the form below or contact:

Neil Lock, CEO of Investor.Events, at  | 604-380-4888



We also have created a list of VIP Events that we can include, such as Sporting Suite Events, Property Tours, Fishing Charters, Golf Outings, Conference Luncheons and Receptions, Facility Tours, Digital Events, and Gaming-Casino Events!




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